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Fundación Brandao
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At the Fundación Brandão we have two shelters dedicated to helping two groups of children of different ages, one of the houses is the "Casa de la Criança" (Children's Shelter) and the other is the "Casa do Joves" (Youth Shelter), this second shelter is used for the children starting their adolescence.

The Casa de la Criança is for the younger children; they receive professional help to assist them develop through dedication, love, teaching and caring that our teachers offer in order to guide them to a better life.

At this shelter they receive the appropriate diet, a locker so that each one can keep their clothes and personal hygiene articles, medical and psychological care.

Each day they perform a routine from the morning until they go to school. In the morning they have breakfast when they arrive, then the shower and personal hygiene turns begin, then they receive educational assistance with their homework and different programmed activities each day, as well as receiving psychological care, two times a week. The younger children perform tasks to develop their psychomotor coordination with the appropriate professional.

When they reach adolescence, we conduct a follow-up for the youth shelter, we completely direct their education taking into account their professional future; here as well as at the children's shelter there is a daily routine (food, clothes...) with assistance for school and direct psychological care with the possibility of access to a computer and audiovisuals. When they get here they are on a more solid path to define their future.

At present, both shelters have a total of 36 children and the older ones already realize that the Foundation provides them with a new path that they can follow.

We also monitor the family in order to improve our objective along with the support of the mothers. They also come every week to the Foundation and we coordinate the development of each of their children.


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