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Fundación Brandao
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Over four years ago, on one of those family trips to Brazil, Luis and I wanted to make an economic contribution to the children of the city of Jesuânia, which I know in depth because it is my home town and I spent my childhood there. In this city, there was a children's shelter that belonged to the church, and when I visited it and met the children, it was almost impossible to imagine that between the beautiful mountains of Minas de Gerais there were children with so many needs. From that day on we felt committed to them.

  The project was starting and there were no economic resources to keep going; Luis and I set up a monthly financial aid and from the beginning we received donations from the Parroquia de Jesuânia, which has provided us with the headquarters that at the moment is the children's shelter. Gradually, we have started involving ourselves more and more in the project, which back then only had one volunteer in charge of carrying out all the activities in the shelter and caring for the children.

Seeing the effort that went into maintaining the shelter, we immediately incorporated a cook and a cleaning lady, then we established a monthly bonus so that they could carry out their job better.

Since then, we have been incorporating all that is necessary to keep the project going, until we realized that it would be impossible to go on with something that involves so much responsability with all these children, without really making all the aids offical. Because of this, we have created the Foundation Brandão-Vendrell, in order to improve, give reliability and continuity to our project, establishing a professional team for our children.

At present, we have a coordinator, a teacher paid by the Foundation, and a teacher that is paid by the city hall of Jesuânia, a psychologist, two cleaning ladies paid by the Foundation and one cleaning lady paid by the city hall of Jesuânia, a cook, a Spanish teacher and a babysitter on Sundays.

Thanks to the Foundation and to the support of the Parish, which has given us a shelter for the smaller children, we have expanded our project by founding the youth shelter, which houses older children to ensure and contribute to their future.

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